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Tips to Save Money on Appliances

Purchasing a major appliance may not be your favorite kind of bargain shopping, but it’s possible to save money just the same. When you need to replace your refrigerator, stove, or washing machine, it makes good sense to take action to get the lowest price possible. You may be able to save money on large appliances using these tips:

Know Exactly What You Need
You may be able to save money on an appliance simply by having a clear idea of what you need. Otherwise, you may find that you wind up spending extra money on features that are unnecessary. If you only need the basic model stove, it doesn’t make sense to buy an oven with smart home technology, for example. If you have a small family, you may not need a large chest freezer. Spend some time listing out the features that you’ll need for a new appliance, so that you can spend only the necessary money as you replace yours.

Be Willing to Negotiate

If you’re visiting a brick and mortar store to purchase an appliance, know what you have to spend and what the item that you need should cost. Be willing to speak to the sales staff on site and negotiate the price. Often, sales staff in appliance departments or appliance stores work on a commission basis, so they may be willing to make an adjustment in the price in order to make a sale. This is simply part of the process, so although it may seem unnatural, it’s time to brush up on your haggling skills.

Compare Prices

When you need to purchase a large appliance, it’s important to do some comparison shopping for prices. You can evaluate the cost of various models online, check sale prices, and then compare these rates to online retailers to be sure that you’re getting the best possible deal.

Consider Open Box Sale Prices

You may be able to find the best price possible by checking prices at an open box appliance store. Online or brick and mortar stores that sell appliances with open boxes usually offer these items at a steep discount. In some cases the paint may be scratched or they may have slight damage, but in most cases the items simply have opened boxes due to being purchased and returned. This is one easy way to save quite a bit of money when purchasing large appliances for your home.

Replacing an appliance is very rarely a convenient situation, but if you use these tips as you make your purchase, you can get the best price possible. Save money on appliances by comparing prices, being willing to negotiate, and considering open box sales.


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